I have to say I had never thought I would be a massage therapist. In fact, it wasn't even on my radar while I went through college. I mean, I have a BA in Political Science, I think that's about as far from massage therapy as you can get.


I graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1999. Soon after, I started working with a chiropractor in Edmonds. It was in that office I started to realize I had a nack for helping people heal from their injuries. Over the years I have been honing my skills working with injury patients.


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Patti McQuinn, LMT

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My journey toward massage therapy started...with injuries. I've always jokingly said "I don't fall well." I guess you could say I can back that statement up. I have had several fall injuries that have given me continual problems with my low back and hip. I never realized how big of a problem they were going to be but with each year, the problems became more noticeable.

Shortly after moving to the Seattle area from Ohio, I started looking into going back to school. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do but going to school "felt" right. In my search, I came across Seattle Massage School and it felt right. I had never had a massage before. Massage was very unknown to me at the time but it seemed like this is where I was supposed to be. At enrollment I was given a gift certificate for the student clinic so I could experience my first massage before I started classes. You'll have to ask me about that first massage, it's a pretty funny story. 

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When I found massage, I found my passion.

My massage technique is a collection of deep tissue massage techniques, a little relaxation and even Trigger Point Therapy thrown in. I'm currently in an apprenticeship to learn Vascular Bone Therapy to take my practice to the next level to treating injuries.