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My journey toward massage therapy started...with injuries. I've always jokingly said "I don't fall well." I guess you could say I can back that statement up. I have had several fall injuries that have given me continual problems with my low back and hip. I never realized how big of a problem they were going to be but with each year, the problems became more noticeable.

Shortly after moving to the Seattle area from Ohio, I started looking into going back to school. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do but going to school "felt" right. In my search, I came across Seattle Massage School and it felt right. I had never had a massage before. Massage was very unknown to me at the time but it seemed like this is where I was supposed to be. At enrollment I was given a gift certificate for the student clinic so I could experience my first massage before I started classes. You'll have to ask me about that first massage, it's a pretty funny story. 

I have to say I had never thought I would be a massage therapist. In fact, it wasn't even on my radar while I went through college. I mean, I have a BA in Political Science, I think that's about as far from massage therapy as you can get.


I graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1999. Soon after, I started working with a chiropractor in Edmonds. It was in that office I started to realize I had a nack for helping people heal from their injuries. Over the years I have been honing my skills working with injury patients.


My massage technique is a collection of deep tissue massage techniques, a little relaxation and even Trigger Point Therapy thrown in. I'm currently in an apprenticeship to learn Vascular Bone Therapy to take my practice to the next level to treating injuries.

     I came across Vascular Bone Therapy this past summer while looking for classes to take to increase my knowledge of injuries and treatments. I was also trying to figure out what I was missing in my own treatment for my most recent fall. After reading Brian Dobbs' website, I knew this was the path I needed to follow. It was another case of having the right "feel". I started an apprenticeship with Brian in September. I'm hoping to be able to include Vascular Bone Therapy into my practice this summer or early fall 2014.

     Vascular Bone Therapy is a technique that releases the trauma trapped in the bones and deeper structures. It is very much like a powerful massage, but one that follows muscular insertions deep into the bones. Though VBT goes very deep to the bone, there is little pain involved. Because this technique goes deeply to the source of the problem, it is particularly good for those patients who have tried everything without positive results.

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When I found massage, I found my passion.

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