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Patti McQuinn, LMT

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Massage Sessions

60 Minute  Session               $80

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A 90 minute session is great for those that want the best of both, treatment and relaxation. this session gives you plenty of time to have your problem areas focused on yet still receive a relaxation massage everywhere else.

30 Minute Session               $45

This is the standard length for a massage session. It can be used as a treatment massage session or as a relaxation session.

90 Minute Session               $105

Although my practice is primarily focused on helping people heal from injuries, I still love to teach people about massage.

This is a 2.5 hour class for couples/ partners/ friends interested in learning how to give a great relaxation massage. You will working directly with me to learn basic massage techniques. You will both have amble time giving and receiving massage during the class. Please call me to discuss any health issues prior to class.

Monthly Membership

This shorter session is focused on 1 or 2 areas only. It can be an intensive treatment session or as a good introduction to massage.

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous, from increased flexibility, pain relief, better circulation, pain prevention and overall relaxation.

Western medicine is thinking more and more in terms of preventative measures that can be taken to help us stay healthier. Massage can be a natural approach to staying healthy that is far less intrusive or risky than drug therapies and surgery. Massage therapy is often prescribed by physicians as a powerful natural approach to overall good health and healing.

Here in Washington, massage is a covered benefit on most insurance plans. A prescription for your primary healthcare provider or chiropractor is needed for treatment. Please call before your scheduled appointment in case pre-authorization is needed before your session.

I am a participating provider for many insurance companies, including:



First Choice Health

PIP ( personal injury/ auto accident)



Worker's Compensation (L&I)

Couples Massage Class               $300              

Insurance Coverage

The monthly membership is a way to reward those that come in at least once a month. How it works is that you receive a 20% discount on your monthly massage sessions. You must consistently come in for your monthly sessions. If you miss one month the price of your next session goes back up to regular price, the next month's massage then drops back down to the discounted price. You are welcome to schedule as many massage per month as you would like but you must come in for at least one per month. You can also purchase gift certificates a the discounted price. The membership is non transferable.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 24 hours notice required for massage sessions.
  • 48 hours notice is required for massage class.
  • A session fee will be applied to missed sessions without proper cancellation notice.
  • Gift certificates and vouchers will be voided and used toward the session fee of missed appointments/classes without proper cancellation notice.